Women in Business: Why I Work for Myself

A recent article on Sky News states that this year in Britain alone, nearly 500,000 new businesses will be starting up. They went onto say that a significant number of these will be started by women.

Over the past few years more and more women have been leaving the safety and security of their jobs and venturing out into the world of self employment. There are several factors that are causing this phenomenon which I can personally relate to.

Is it a Man’s World?

Sky News states that several women were finding it difficult to conform to workplace procedures such as certain corporate behaviors and dress. Many felt pressured to behave in a stereotypical male sort of manner to prove themselves capable.

If this run’s counter to you own personality it can create a lot of stress and pressure whether you are male or female. Starting up a business allows women(and men as well) the opportunity to be themselves.

The article goes on to say that there is a trend of customers liking this new authenticity in business owners.

I work from home as language instructor. Although I have to behave professionally I find that the work is far less stressful than teaching in a college. I don’t have to conform to silly work rules. I can dress and behave how I chose.


Although starting a business requires a lot of hard work and determination, it allows women the chance to be flexible in when they work, where they work and in their working style. The work place can stifle creativity and place limits on one’s ability to develop their own working styles.

Usually one is expected to conform to the excepted working style and times of the place of employment. Your own business offers you the flexibility of deciding when and how you work.

It doesn’t mean sleep all day but you as the business owner have a large amount of control over when you get the work done. The same holds true for me. I know what I need to bring in in terms of money each month.

I set my targets a month in advance and then devise when and how I’m going to accomplish this. Some weeks I decide to get up very early, get my work day over with. Sometimes I decide to grab a bit more sleep and start later. Its up to me.

Running a business or self employment appeals to many of those, especially women, who want to be themselves. It allows for much greater flexibility, creativity and personal development.