Online Business and Women

Women are leaders, starting online businesses on the Internet and dominating web business. The lucrative Internet market remains strong and climbs to new records each and every year as consumers find new ways to shop for the things they want.

More and more people are buying online than ever before. And with the creation of SEO techniques, new innovative advertising programs and affiliate programs, work at home moms are bringing in some hefty paychecks.

Who needs to bring home bacon anymore?

Five years ago the typical work at home mom, running an online business only had an average of two businesses. Now the typical work at home mom running an online business has an average of nine businesses and that’s a dramatic change.

What has contributed to the increase of work at home moms and online business?

“Necessity is the mother of invention”, and it rings so true with the many businesses being ran by moms. Every business is usually sparked by a dream, dreamed up out of pure necessity.

“I wish” becomes, “I can.”

Women are putting all of their smarts to work, but this generation of moms has realized that instead of working smart for someone else, it pays to work from home … for themselves.

Another reason for the increases are successful work at home moms like Cheryl Demas. Cheryl started an at home business out of necessity because her daughter was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes and like so many moms, Cheryl couldn’t bare to trust someone with her daughter’s care while she returned to work for the corporate world.

Cheryl has been extremely successful in her endeavors, she shares her stories in a book titled, “It’s A Jungle Out There And A Zoo In Here.”

Cheryl’s book covers everything that sparked her interests in working from home, the changes and sacrifices her family made in the beginning, her successes and how today’s work at home moms can succeed.

Cheryl has become an icon, she owns a very popular website that is ranked as the number one source of information for all work at home moms which reportedly receives more than two million visitors a month!

Cheryl is a veteran in the “WAHM” industry, work at home moms can learn from her, and so many others who have chosen to let their cat out of the box to share tips for success to help other work at home moms succeed.

Other work at home moms have banded together to form extremely profitable unions.

One example of earning income selling ad space involves five work at home moms who joined together in advertising promotions for their sites.

It’s a known secret concerning SEO politics that if a site links with a related site then that site can gain more desirable rankings, if that related site also links back… both sites generally see a boost in rankings, creating more visitors because it’s easier to find them with better or even top rankings.

And the better the rank of the site you a work at home mom links with, the quicker her business will build.

In essence advertisers have a lot of choices online today.

These five women mentioned developed packages. There are different packages available from banner ads on all of the sites to a mixture of button or text ads on only two of the sites. The packages are completely customizable with gives the advertiser lots of room to work with.

If the advertiser finds a profitable area and is satisfied with the services provided, believe that advertiser will become a regular!

Speaking of online business, it’s never been easier to sell on the Internet, as it is now. The creation of Pay Pal, Storm Pay and other payment systems including easier ways for smaller merchants to accept a wide variety of payments.

Shopping carts with the ability to accept credit card payments, in the beginning were difficult for small business to gain access to and now, they are standard.

In addition to all of that, work at home moms with hopes of saving money have learned how to design websites, write html code and have educated themselves from all of the resources available.

Having said that, moms have began to earn money smarter with the creation of some top paying affiliate programs like Google’s Ad sense. If you search the Internet you’ll see a zillion sites on one searched topic, I’ll almost guarantee that 90% of them feature Google ads.

The best way to make money with Google ads is to “blend” the ads in with the content text of the website, sometimes placing ads in the center of articles or manipulating the ads to entice the user to “click”, earning mom a lot of money!

Surf through all of the pages of the web world and look for “WAHM” sites. Look at the revenue being generated, check out the “Who’s Who” of the Internet to see who’s dominating the field.

If you don’t know what the Who’s Who is, well it’s a list in short. Of course to have a website, you must have a domain name and the Who’s Who is a registry that shows who a particular site belongs to.

SEO techniques have been remodeled completely and leave bogus sites, which once dominated the top rankings out in the cold. Only sites that truly possess similar content to the sites proposed keywords get good rankings which makes the Internet a little fairer than before and provides an equal opportunity for anyone to generate income.

If you’re a mom who has yet to master web design and all of this sounds a little foreign to you, it’s all right. If you want to get in on the game, it’s not too late. Freelance web designers have splashed web design forums with ads of free web designing, free hosting and free services!

If you believe learning web design is a too complicated, no problem. There are lots of freelance web designers looking to make a name, and they do quality work for reasonable prices.

Online businesses have become the fastest way for moms to bring in some money and turn those dreams into reality. Thousands of moms will make the choice to become a work at home mom this year, next year and they year after that.

The Internet is fast access to world markets!

Learn the tricks of the trade and apply them to your online business. And imagine that for every new trick you learn … there are a hundred sales waiting to be made.

No bones about it, the online possibilities for all work at home moms currently are wide open and ready for the taking. Are you ready for your piece of the pie?