Being a Work at Home Mom (WAHM) Ain’t Easy – But I Love It

Being a work at home mom is not an easy task. You are not only tasked with doing your job, or jobs for pay, but you must also simultaneously take care of the home and children. They say women who work outside of the home envy stay at home and work at home moms, but trust me they should not.

When a woman who works away from the home leaves her job at the end of the day, she ceases to be an employee or business-woman and becomes a mom. Work at home moms are both mom and worker all of the time.

Being a work at home mom is exhausting: 

When you are a work at home mom, it feels like you never get to rest. You wake up in the morning, put on a load of laundry, unload the dishwasher, and eat. If you have small children, you feed and dress them as well.

As soon as our household chores are started, you move into work mode, and start checking your emails or making phone calls. After responding to your morning communications, you slip back into mom mode, process more laundry, perhaps vacuum, and maybe even make lunch.

Once that is done, you begin to produce whatever your product is. For me it is writing articles or creating art for people. As dinnertime approaches, you need to stop what you are doing and cook, and feed your family. After dinner is over, you need to get kids ready for bed and then go back and finish your work for the day.

This does not include driving children places, special activities and more. Many days I go from 8 am until 1 am while constantly swapping mom and work mode.

Being a work at home mom is stressful: 

The fact that you are not able to turn off work mode when you are at home, or turn off mom mode when you are working, can really frazzle the nerves. When you work at home, you are always juggling your hats. Should you drop one hat, you could be in for certain disaster.

Being a work at home mom is distracting: 

I am sure there are numerous distractions at work. I remember from my office days that I would have piles of paperwork to complete, while still serving my customers or clients.

I was never sure which the distraction was. Working at home is a lot like that. You have work, and you have kids and household responsibilities and are never sure which task is keeping you from the other.

Being a work at home mom is a blessing: 

Everyone complains about the hardships of their situation and wishes for an easier way to do things. However, in spite of the challenges I already mentioned, working from home is a blessing.

Right now, as I type this article for which I will be paid, I am laying on my stomach on my bed under a fur blanket with my laptop in front of me. My preteen kids are downstairs and wonderful smells are tickling my nose.

If they need me, I can stop what I am doing and tend to their needs. If they need to go somewhere, I can take them. I do not miss performances, and I missed few of life’s milestones. I think the stresses are worth the tradeoffs.

Yes, working from home ain’t easy; but I sure do love it.