Find Work from Home Opportunities Online

Aug 09

Find Work at Home Jobs Without Being Scammed

Did you know that you can find genuine work from home opportunities online? These opportunities, which are often referred to as telecommuting jobs should not be confused with building your own home based business. These are real work from home jobs where you are employed by a company for pay. A large number of these companies hire homeworkers to perform jobs such as customer support for respectable pay.

One advantage to these jobs is that some companies allow you to set your schedule. This kind of flexibility lets you perform the job at periods which are generally ideal for yourself and your household.

Actual work from home opportunities including customer support, where you will be talking to customers on the phone may not be suitable for parents with small children unless you have your wife or husband or other childcare accessible during working hours. In addition to customer support jobs there are work from home jobs that allow you to work One hundred percent on the internet.

Locating Work From Home Opportunities
Look for these types of work from home opportunities on web sites that are targeted toward work at home moms (WAHM). is a well established web site full of suggestions as well as resources for anyone looking for work from home opportunities.

Look at the various job listings and be sure to check out the message boards to connect with other WAHM’s. Numerous message boards (aka forums) like as this one in particular have an entire section dedicated to telecommuting jobs. There are also numerous other work at home web sites online. Just go to Google and type in “WAHM” or “WAHM forums” without the quotes for other work at home sites. Look for the sites with active message boards and register.

Many telecommuters will share leads on actual work at home positions, share their own knowledge and even notify everyone of potential scams. Some telecommuting jobs may be permanent positions while others may be seasonal. Consider testing seasonal positions to gain working experience.

After you have invested some time getting to know other members of the forums you will probably get to recognize some of the regulars and can ask questions or possibly find several of your own questions already answered.

Beware of Job Scams
When searching for work at home opportunities you must always proceed with caution. Be very cautious of anyone which tries to contact you privately with employment opportunities or asks for any personal information. Always trust your own instinct. If something sounds too good to be legitimate it is probably a scam.

And while there are start expenses to begin your very own business, honest companies which hire home workers will not charge a fee to work for them.

Be sure to read this article for details regarding scams as well as the actual story about a woman who not only fell victim to a job scam but who ended up facing criminal charges!

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From Stay-at-home to Work-from-home

Aug 09

Rethinking the Work-at-home Possibilities

How many people are looking to work from home today? Everywhere on the internet, pop-ups will offer 50 to 75 dollars an hour for work-at- home jobs; dozens of pictures are going round showcasing thousands of dollar checks earned in one week and inboxes or spam folders overflow with emails titled “earn money from the comfort of your home”.

It would seem that thanks to the internet it’s become a trend to work from home for an extra buck. But needing more money is no trend, it’s a reality. Associated Press Reported on June 2 2009 thatEmployers cut a larger-than-expected 467,000 jobs in June and the unemployment rate climbed to a 26-year high of 9.5 percent.

Unfortunately today’s economy is not only affecting those families who have lost one of their incomes. Everyone is in need of additional cash to sustain a life, which up until a year ago was fairy alright; such is the case of the families with stay-at-home moms.

So it’s curious that no one has mentioned these women who once had a job and who might even have college degrees. What is their situation? Are they better off because they have degrees or worked for a number of years in their fields?

It would seem so; President Obama has been promoting the “back-to-school” project that states that with a higher education “moms” can attain better paying jobs in the future. But is it true? In today’s job market for example, can a degree change the outcome? The sad reality is that it will not, at least not for everyone.

The market itself is the first obstacle for anyone out to get more money, there is far too much demand and few jobs are being offered. This means that competition to obtain any position is fierce. Only people who have a college degree, at least 2 years of experience and absolute domain over the software and new technologies of the field are the ones who might have a shot at a decent salary.

Stay-at-home moms, who are looking to rejoin the work force, are competing with people who just lost their jobs and have both the experience and the know-how. Those who left work only a couple of years ago might have less to worry about. But what about the stay-at-home mom that left work a decade ago? Where do they stand?

Outdated knowledge diminishes their competitive edge. It’s hard to say what will happen to those stay-at-home moms who have no way of coming back to work where they left off. Some are using their other expertise to attain an income. Many have become teachers or are looking for part-time jobs. Some are taking advantage of the online colleges to get new degrees. But a good number of them are simply lowering their expectations and tossing away their careers because they are accepting whatever they can get.

And once again, but because of different circumstances, they find that their future is moving nowhere because there is no career to be made in positions such as the ones they are forced to accept for the money. As a result, perfectly capable women with working experience, who already have college degrees are earning far less than they need to or deserve.

Under the circumstances, these women are faced with a difficult question, is going back to low paying jobs worth the effort? If it implies that a good chunk of their earnings will most likely have to go into daycare and little can be done with the rest, the effort defiantly seems almost worthless. And here is where the work-at-home idea comes in, and why it’s gained so much popularity lately.

But despite its popularity, the internet is most certainly not solving their problems. Regardless, if the option is to use part of their hard earn money to commute and pay daycare or to stay-at-home and work-from-home without having to use up any of the earnings, the choice seems simple.

It is oddly contradictory that at the same time that money is being injected into an education plan that will see its results in no less than two years; so many women have to throw away their education for a paycheck. So it begs to question, how many of the women who are taking advantage of the back-to-school initiative will suffer this same fate in the future.

It seems inevitable if more jobs are not offered. And if people are losing their jobs and women who were perfectly well staying away are now back, how can the balance ever be restored? How can companies who need to cut back generate more jobs? But there is a light in the horizon, one that has been proven to work, believe it or not, since the seventies.

Today, just about anyone can have access to virtual private networks, conference calling, videoconferencing, and Voice over IP (VOIP). As broadband Internet connections become more common and even cheaper, more and more workers have enough bandwidth at home to use these tools to link their home office to their corporate intranet and internal phone networks. This is called telecommuting.

Telecommuting is an option usually only used to save important amounts of travel time and cost, not as an employment option. However it does exist, though few employees are hired under this concept. And it’s hard to imagine why, if there is such an incredible number of women perfectly capable and willing to work from home?

Part of the reason is that traditional line managers are accustomed to managing by observation and not necessarily by results. For remote workers to excel a management style would have to be implemented based on results instead of close scrutiny. But if it has been done therefore, it should be able to be done for entire departments. The tradeoff for readjusting management standards would be, cutting down the cost of maintaining a physical place to house those employees who would now work from remote locations.

There is also the option of not outsourcing to other nations and instead, to hire from the now growing pool of people seeking jobs at home. Those positions are already being worked from remote locations and supervision and control standards for those outsourced employees are already in place.

So for these women this could be a window of opportunity, because instead of working-at-home with no benefits other than an additional income, they could be hired by companies. Stay-at-home momswould jump at the idea of shifting to work-from-home-moms if a paycheck and benefits were attached to the title, wouldn’t they?

So, there just might be a way to readjust the balance and not let these women lose so much, because at the end of the day they resurfaced due to the economical situation, it’s not just them and their careers on the line, it’s their families’.

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How to Avoid Work at Home Scams

Aug 09

You have children, but you still want to be able to contribute to the household income. You have decided to become a work-at-home-mom. Many other women have made this same decision. Unfortunately, that path is littered with scams and traps to take your time and money. With a little common sense and extra research, you can find legitimate work at home opportunities that can prove to be lucrative.

Your first step is to search the right places for your job opportunities. Don’t simply click on ads to find work. Try to find helpful groups of Wahms who have successful work at home jobs to guide your search. You can try searching on message boards or finding e-mail groups for ideas of where to start your work at home job search. Many of these women can give you insight into which work at home opportunities are actually worth your time. You can also search forums. Their members are usually very forthcoming about their work-at-home experiences.

Keep in mind that there are no real ways to get rich quick jobs on the Internet or by working at home. The only people who get rich are those who are scamming others. Never believe an ad or an “employer” who claims that you will get rich instantly. Making money takes time and effort.

There are also a few warning signs to look for when you are searching for Internet jobs. You should never have to pay for work or job lists. There are plenty of free listings available that can provide many work at home job opportunities. Companies that want to charge you for lists of jobs are just trying to get your money. The lists are often filled with dead job leads, or lists of companies that want to charge you money. Many work at home scams will also require you to pay a start-up fee or cover the cost of “necessary” training. If the job is legitimate, you will not have to pay a start-up fee.

Another red flag is if the ad or website tells you to “act now.” You should always do research before joining a company and never feel pressured to make a decision right away. Many websites are set up with text that says that the offer will expire on today’s date. But if you revisit that website the next day, the ad says that the offer expires on that day.

If you are unsure about a company, research them through the Better Business Bureau website. The BBB has files on all businesses that have had complaints filed against them. You can see what other people have to say about a particular company and be steered away from scams.

There are some scams that have been around for years that should be avoided at all costs. These business scams have unfortunately been successful for the scammers, so they continue to take the money and time of hardworking Wahms. If you see an offer for any of the following types of jobs, run the other way.

Envelope stuffing is a common scam, although it is being seen less and less these days. These jobs are normally listed as mail service jobs, and then you are asked to pay for a start up kit. After you receive a start up kit, you are given instructions to place your own work at home ads. You basically just sell the start up kit to other people and become a scammer. There are several other types of products that are sold using this same method.

Craft assembly scams can take many forms. Typically, you receive a set of crafts to complete with instructions. You generally pay for the set and then are told you will be reimbursed for the kits and also paid for their assembly. After working hard at assembling the kits and returning them, you will be told that your work is not up to their quality standards. You will be out the cost of the kits, and they will not sell your crafts anyway.

There are legitimate jobs out there for Wahms, but you have to do some research on the opportunities first. With a little time and careful analysis you can find a work at home job that will be rewarding and scam free. Forums are a good place to start. You will be able to see what has made money for other Wahms.

When dealing in the world at home world, you’re going to come across hundreds of scams. Some scams are easier to identify than other scams. A true work at home individual is always on the look for more work. A lesson learned is never keep your eggs in one basket. By having several work at home jobs, if one falls through, there is always others to keep you going. Many people do work full time from home with one company, but many also are part time.

The best way to identify is a scam is to read the ad in it’s entirety. For example, one such ad that has been advertised read:
Are you desire for a line of job that you’re the manager?
You can endow with more time to your family and take pleasure in each day
without uncertainties.
All you need to do is to be an Email Processors!

By the wording, you can tell straight away that it’s not written by someone who speaks English as a first language. This appears to have been translated using an online translator. In today’s world, scammers are located all over the world. It used to be we had to worry about scammers locally, but the internet has opened up this multi-billion dollar industry. Sometimes the scam is obvious. Take for instance the dead relative in Nigeria, and they want to transfer somewhere around $12-30 million into your account, and then allow you to keep some of it in exchange for using your bank account. While the average person recognizes this right away, there are some people who are desperate for money and don’t know any better, will fall for it. In the end, the scammer ends up with that individual’s banking information and cleans them out of anything that was in their account.

Another ad that you may see: Cash a check into your bank account, and then wire most of the money back to someone, keeping a small portion for yourself. The problem with this is that the check is fake, and by the time it comes back, that person is out a couple thousand dollars, and the scam artist is long gone with the cash that was wired to them. Additionally, there have been several instances where innocent victims have been arrested for attempting to cash these checks! They don’t realize it’s a fake check, and when the police show up to arrest them, the story gets out. One recent incident that hit the news in 2010 was an older woman did this, and the police department was called by the bank manager while the woman was in the bank. They took the woman to jail and booked her on check fraud.

In order to identify a scam properly, you have to understand the english language properly. Know your grammer, and know the proper spellings of certain words. There, their, and they’re are commonly misspelled in these types of ads. Pay attention to the word “to”. What spelling are they using? Are they using the right one?

Read the ad to yourself, then read it out loud. If something doesn’t make sense, ask for a second opinion. While it’s common sense, you should never give your bank account information to any company or individual that you do not know via the internet, on the telephone, or in person! You never know if their intentions are good or not.

Take advantage of resources available from the world at home world. There are multiple Work from home forums such as Work Place Like home ( where if you have a question about something, simply ask. The folks there will tell you if it’s a scam or not, and if they have had any experience with that particular company. As a writer, I visit this forum, and I can almost instantly tell if an ad is a scam or not. In the past 8 years, I’ve only had one time where I did not recognize it right away. That’s thousands of scams that have been around over the years.

If you want to work from home, you have to be careful. By paying attention to the wording, you’re going to be able to pick apart the scams from the legit jobs. When all else fails, ask. As they teach you in school, no question is a dumb one. That is, unless you’re asking me to share my ice cream with you.

That’s the one true dumb question.


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How to Be a Successful Work at Home Mom

Aug 09

Bottles, formula, clothes, bibs, strollers, high chairs, and toys-it is no secret that raising a child is a huge expense. To save money on costs like daycare and the price of commuting, many women are finding it more economical to stay at home with their children. Thanks to technology and the growing number of telecommuting and home business opportunities, being a work at home mom is an opportunity that is available to any woman if she is willing.

There are many benefits to working at home. Working at home allows you to spend more time with your children and witness all of their developmental milestones. It also frees you from the worry that your child may not be getting proper care. You might even find that you make more money at home because you don’t have the expenses of buying clothing for work, car maintenance, gas, buying lunch, or paying for daycare.

Being a work at home mom is not just sitting around in your pajamas all day and watching soap operas. You have the tough job of balancing meals, homework, nurturing your children, and completing work for your job. You also have to deal with isolation from other adults and need to be able to work independently and stay self-motivated. The days can be long and tiring, sometimes without much acknowledgement for your efforts.

Despite the drawbacks, however, working from home is still a popular choice for women who want to stay at home with their children while still contributing to their family’s income. With careful planning you can find a balance that allows you to work at home successfully and be happy. The following is a list of tips that will help you to be a successful work at home mom.

Get Dressed

Don’t just sit around in your pajamas and sweats all day. Set a routine of taking a shower and getting dressed in casual clothing every morning. Feel free to put on a little makeup if it makes you feel good. Taking the time to get dressed will help you to feel like you are getting ready to do something. Being in your pajamas all day tends make you feel like just lounging around and you will find it hard to get things done. Getting dressed and doing your hair or make-up will also make you feel good about yourself, just like when you were working outside of the home.

Set a list of Goals for Each Day

Each morning you should set a list of at least 6 things that you want to accomplish that day. These goals can deal with cleaning the house, or doing something for your children, but at least 3 of them should be work related. Setting goals for yourself will give you a focus for the day and keep you on track. It will keep you from wandering from task to task without really getting anything done. Having a list of goals can also help you to refocus when you have unexpected interruptions in your day. For example, you are in the middle of completing an assignment when your son lets the hamster out of the cage and you have to spend the next 30 minutes trying to hunt him down before the cat does. Setting goals will make it much easier for you to deal with the situation, refocus, and get back to what you were doing.

Turn Off The TV

It is hard to focus when there are distractions around you. If you have ever tried to get something done while the television is on, you already know that it is easy to stop what you are doing and watch a few minutes of a show or commercial. Soon those few minutes can turn into watching an entire program. As a work at home mom, you can use your time much more efficiently if you do not stop what you are doing to watch television every few minutes. If you feel like you need some type of background noise, try turning on the radio or listening to a CD.

Eat Healthy Food

You definitely need to be at your best to keep up with your children and stay on top of your work assignments. Eating healthy food will help you to stay energized and feel good. Try to eat healthy snacks of fresh fruit and vegetables throughout the day. You should try to eat at least one salad a day. Avoid soda; drink tea instead. And be sure to stay away from sugary snacks because they will just drain all of your energy.

Get Organized

Having a place to put everything in your home makes it easier to clean up and keep your house clean. There are many books available at your local bookstore that offer advice on organizing your home. When your space is in proper order it helps you to feel relaxed and allows you to focus on more important things. Keeping an organized home also allows you to spend more time playing with your children and completing your work, instead of cleaning your house.

Spend Time With Your Children

Don’t forget why you chose to stay at home. Your children are important and they require a lot of attention, especially when they are young. Make sure that you set aside time just to play with them everyday. Don’t get so boggled down in your work priorities that you begin to neglect your children. Plan days where you can take them to the park or library for a few hours, or join a playgroup of other work at home moms. Have fun with your kids; this is a special time in both of your lives that will not last forever.

Take Breaks For Yourself

Working at home means that you don’t get any breaks away from your responsibilities. That’s why it’s important for you to take breaks for yourself. Find time to do something that is enjoyable daily. Try taking up a new hobby like knitting or painting. Maybe you can make yourself a cup of tea at night after the kids are in bed or hire a babysitter so you can get out of the house for a few hours. It is important for you to do whatever helps you to feel relaxed and rejuvenated-and be sure to do it regularly.

Get Into A Routine

Having a routine is beneficial for both you and your children. Children need to have some type of predictability in their days. Knowing what comes next helps them to feel safe and helps for their day to run smoother. Try to have set times for meals, snacks, naps, and outside time. Routines like these are also good for you because it puts your day into a rhythm that makes it easier for you to get things accomplished.

Be flexible With Your Work Schedule

When you have kids at home, you know that anything can happen at any time. Your baby can wake up extra fussy one morning, or your son can just want some extra attention. Being flexible allows you to handle these types of interruptions gracefully. Remember that working at home with kids is nothing like working in an office-you may never get more than two solid hours of work done without an interruption of some kind. Know that you may not complete all of your work goals for any given day, and just do what you can.

Don’t Forget About Your Spouse

You and your spouse need to continue to nurture the relationship that exists outside of your children. Set aside a special time for the two of you daily, even if it is only for 30 minutes. Spend time talking, playing board games, or sharing a glass of wine. If you can, hire a babysitter so that you and your spouse can get out one night a week for a date night.

Taking on the task of being a work at home mom is both challenging and rewarding. Remember that even though you may not be praised daily for what you do, your children show you their appreciation in their own way. That includes smiles, hugs, and laughs. Try to bring balance to your new role, but most importantly…have fun.

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Great Websites for Work at Home Moms

Aug 09

Are You a Work at Home Mom? Would You like to Be One? Here Are Some Great Sites!

Are you a WAHM? There are more and more Work At Home Moms every day. Lots of women would also like to learn how they can become a Work At Home Mom, but they are concerned about scams and false promises that lead nowhere.

Being a WAHM can have its challenges. It can be a bit isolating, working by yourself. That is why connecting with other WAHMs on the internet can be so important. You can also learn tips and suggestions that can help you with your business from other WAHMs that are in similiar fields just like you.

Here are several websites that offer networking for WAHMs. They have great articles to inform and inspire you. There are also two radio shows on the internet just for WAHMs! These are great places to get you started.

This website has a lot to offer you. There is a great section offering you Telecommute Job Listings for those who want to work from home but aren’t interested in starting their own business. There are articles to read about being a WAHM. There are Classifieds and Business Opportunities. You can find other WAHMs near you. There is a great cartoon to read. Lots of links to explore. This website is run by creator Cheryl Demas. WAHM also sponsors MeetUp groups in different locations, visit the website to learn more about this!

Wahm Talk Radio –
This is the website for Wahm Talk Radio, an internet based radio talk show. There is a new show available every Monday morning and you can listen to it whenever is convenient for you. The show features women running their own businesses from home, what their experiences have been like and lots of success stories to inspire you to go after your dreams. It is run by Kelly McCausey.

Christian Work At Home Mom –
This website offers support and resources for the Christian Work at Home Mom. There is a CWAHM Internet Radio show. There is a message board to connect with other CWAHMs. There is a newsletter and information about spiritual growth. There is also information about christian products and classified ads.

Freelance Mom –
This website offers you a forum to connect with other WAHMs who are doing freelance work or are running small businesses of their own. Freelance Mom has articles to read about business topics. There is also a Resources section, and an e-zine to subscribe to.

Internet Based Moms –
This is a great website for Moms running their own businesses, or for those who are curious about how to get started. There are tons of resources, from articles and free mini courses to take here. There is a forum to connect with other WAHMs. This website is run by Alice Seba, a copywriter and a WAHM. Lots of great stuff here.

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Being a Work at Home Mom (WAHM) Ain’t Easy – But I Love It

Aug 09

Being a work at home mom is not an easy task. You are not only tasked with doing your job, or jobs for pay, but you must also simultaneously take care of the home and children. They say women who work outside of the home envy stay at home and work at home moms, but trust me they should not.

When a woman who works away from the home leaves her job at the end of the day, she ceases to be an employee or businesswoman and becomes a mom. Work at home moms are both mom and worker all of the time.

Being a work at home mom is exhausting: When you are a work at home mom, it feels like you never get to rest. You wake up in the morning, put on a load of laundry, unload the dishwasher, and eat. If you have small children, you feed and dress them as well.

As soon as hour household chores are started, you move into work mode, and start checking your emails or making phone calls. After responding to your morning communications, you slip back into mom mode, process more laundry, perhaps vacuum, and maybe even make lunch.

Once that is done, you begin to produce whatever your product is. For me it is writing articles or creating art for people. As dinnertime approaches, you need to stop what you are doing and cook, and feed your family. After dinner is over, you need to get kids ready for bed and then go back and finish your work for the day.

This does not include driving children places, special activities and more. Many days I go from 8 am until 1 am while constantly swapping mom and work mode.

Being a work at home mom is stressful: The fact that you are not able to turn off work mode when you are at home, or turn off mom mode when you are working, can really frazzle the nerves. When you work at home, you are always juggling your hats. Should you drop one hat, you could be in for certain disaster.

Being a work at home mom is distracting: I am sure there are numerous distractions at work. I remember from my office days that I would have piles of paperwork to complete, while still serving my customers or clients. I was never sure which the distraction was. Working at home is a lot like that. You have work, and you have kids and household responsibilities and are never sure which task is keeping you from the other.

Being a work at home mom is a blessing: Everyone complains about the hardships of their situation and wishes for an easier way to do things. However, in spite of the challenges I already mentioned, working from home is a blessing. Right now, as I type this article for which I will be paid, I am laying on my stomach on my bed under a fur blanket with my laptop in front of me. My preteen kids are downstairs and wonderful smells are tickling my nose.

If they need me, I can stop what I am doing and tend to their needs. If they need to go somewhere, I can take them. I do not miss performances, and I missed few of life’s milestones. I think the stresses are worth the tradeoffs. Yes, working form home ain’t easy; but I sure do love it.

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Tips for Women to Work from Home

Aug 09

There are several reasons why women like to work from home. You can contribute to household proceeds by taking care of family as well as your own career. But many may get frustrated to surf jobs on newspapers and other media to work from home.

The best solution for this is to become a freelancer. There are many advantages regarding the same.

• You can engage your time for higher purpose:

Many moms tend to surf the net or watch TV when they have leisure time. This is not going to benefit in anyway. If you are a freelancer working from home, you can manage your time for a useful work. So that you can earn money, make your profession; handle your children properly, build self-confidence and positive attitude.

• Freelancing Jobs Based on Your Skills:

You get chance to work with many people by becoming member in freelancing websites. You can easily target projects based on your talent. You can choose from variety of freelance jobs like data entry, writing jobs, web design etc.

For example, if you are good in writing then you can get writing freelance jobs through popular freelance websites. You get an opportunity to exhibit your talent by working from home.

• Handle Many Jobs Simultaneously:

Generally, Freelancers have no restrictions and completions to handle many assignments at the same time. You can bid for many projects depending on your ability to complete it. There are no daily supervisions for your work. You get only final reward and payment after completing your project successfully.

• Can Have Your Own Bank Account:

You get income without sacrificing your family. Doesn’t sound great?

Many moms may feel tired and aggravated to work for extended hours by traveling to office. Through freelancing, you get reasonable profits by working from residence. You can save traveling expense and other expenses involved when going out.

Now you got a freelancing job and started to work from home. It is mandatory to follow certain work principles even if you are working in relaxed hours. Here are some of essential resources to handle your work properly and get maximum benefit.

• Make Appointments For Important Task :

Nearly 99% of people set a vision but only 2-3% of them will achieve it. Put efforts and involve yourself to reach the goal. Schedule your daily targets and begin your day with it. Don’t jump from one task to another without completing it.

Multi-tasking throughout the day will decrease the efficiency. So set enough time for each job and handle it accordingly.

• Have a Separate Work Room:

Having a sophisticated work environment will make you to love your job. Buy a comfortable desk and chair. Arrange a lamp nearby your work desk. Don’t make your room messy and untidy. Have a notepad, pen and other important things nearby your reach.

• Build Trust among Clients:

Getting a freelance job is not a onetime process. You need repeated clients or new clients to hire you for their work. It’s possible only when you are trust worthy. Complete the project on or before deadline and submit the work report in presentable manner to clients.

• Occupy Your Child in Summer Classes:

Arrange a music class or any other summer classes during your busy working hours. This will engage your child into a useful activity rather than making them sit idle until you complete your work.

• Enjoy Your Family:

Have time to play with your kids, take them to a short picnic, have lunch with them, enjoy weekends by spending time with family. Don’t overlap your work with this. Maintain a separate track for business and family. This brings immense happiness into your life.

Save money for future and emergency. Therefore you can be relaxed without any pressure of last minute urgency.

The Pros and Cons for Moms Who Work from Home

Women in the work force, what an impact women have made in the corporate world. Women have been so successful outside of the home that women are now bringing the goods home, the home office that is. I don’t need to read any reports about the increasing number of women working from home because I am a work at home mom, often abbreviated as wahm. Many of my friends are working from their homes as well but we all know just how challenging it is to make it work.

There are many advantages and disadvantages to working at home. Some of the obvious advantages would be working at home, in pajamas, set your own schedule, be your own boss, no more long rides to work, spending lots of money on gas or lunch, spending more time with the kids and the husband. All of that sounds so good!

Don’t forget you are at home with the kids! They are nasty little creatures who like to break things and require lots of adult supervision. They scatter toys all through the house, spill things in unimaginable places, they stay hungry, they want to watch cartoons and they want attention. Chores like cleaning the house, doing the laundry, grocery shopping, playing outside and cooking dinner are all scheduled around your schedule. Now who said it’s a jungle out there? It’s a jungle in my house!

Multi-tasking takes on new definitions when you work at home. Depending on the type of business you choose can make all the difference as well. When considering at home employment consider it just the same as you would when considering a new job. Think about how it will affect your family, how much money you will have to invest not only in your business but also your home office. What kind of equipment will you need if any and how much it will cost to operate. Will you be able to handle the work alone or will you need an assistant?

I love working at home but it is just as hard as working outside of the home, just a new ball game with a new set of rules. My kids do however benefit from mom being at home because I am able to work around them. So no matter what type of business you are considering, don’t forget your family because they will be at the center of your world, exactly where they belong.

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